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JeanMarc Lederman joins Karl Bartos' Audiovision team

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"The AudioVision team is happy to introduce our new agent Jean-Marc Lederman. To electronic music fans he is a household name for long: Jean-Marc worked for five years as a office manager of Belgium's Front 242 and as a musican for Fad Gadget, Gene Loves Jezebel and The Weathermen. Nowadays he's pretty busy producing with La Femme Verte and Ghost&Writer and launching a new online map of music.

As of now Jean-Marc will represent Karl Bartos in Benelux, France, Switzerland and Canada. See contact for details."

Nice! :) I think that's pretty cool news - a collaboration that everyone could profit of, Karl & JeanMarc as well as the future audiences. And it comes at a good time too, because just a while ago Herr Bartos announced that he right now is working on new music and plans to present it next year!

I'm certainly looking forward to new music from one of my favourite artists - and with JeanMarc he gets a representative who sure has been around the block a few times himself and who knows his business.

Just recently he has released a quite awesome album featuring coverversions of old classic tunes recorded with a whole bunch of talented artists - check it out: