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The Thatguywiththeglasses - Team does scary Halloween stuff!

Because it's Halloween the team over at has been quite busy reviewing a whole bunch of scary movies... Well, some are actually more "scary" (with the quotation marks) than actually scary, but that's all part of the fun, isn't it? Here's my favourites so far, all bundled together for you to enjoy!

Nostalgia Critic and Cinema Snob: Leprechaun

We start with my two favourite tgwtg-reviewers giving their opinion on "Leprechaun" - an 80's "horror"-classic in which a shaved Ewok from Ireland in striped stockings is terrorizing a bunch of yokels in America:

The Bum reviews Paranormal Activity 2

Next the movie bum tells us what he thinks about "Paranormal Activity 2"

Dial V for Vile - Dog of War

This little masterpiece is about what happens when the dog of an evil mastermind has got WORMS.

Hint: It's a computergame. ;)

Ghostbusters vs. Ghostbusters

Of course you know the Ghostbusters. And perhaps you also know that there's *two* animated shows with that name, the second one with the addition "the real" in it's name.

For years I thought it was pretty obvious what happened there: Apparently after the success of the movie the makers were quick to sell the rights for an animated series based on it, but when they saw what a piece of *bleep* was the result they then produced a second series which they named "The Real Ghostbusters".

Well... Not exactly so - here is what really happened:

The Nostalgia Critic reviews Stephen King's "It"

Last but not least we have yet another entry by Doug Walker in which he tears both Stephen King as well as the made for TV adaptation of his book "It" a new one. And no - the movie is *not* about "Information Technology"...