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The Happy Tree Friends: See you Later, Elevator

Here's the latest cartoon about the Happy Tree Friends, showing the hijinx that ensue when they use an elevator. :)

I love those furry little guys. The way they combine a Carebear-style look with Tom&Jerry-style violence and Hostel-style depiction of the consequences of that violence (remember - in Tom&Jerry awful things happened to the characters too, but they always were ok right away again) almost always cracks me up.

Granted: Just as with Southpark the show loses some of it's initial shock value once you get used to it's style, but there's always moments in their clips that have me laugh out loud. I just say "Axe to the Face"...

Oh - just for clarification: I don't want to say that Southpark turned bad for me, I still enjoy them a LOT, but I never again was literally rolling on the floor laughing, gasping for air as at that first time I ever saw the show (episode: An Elephant makes Love to a Pig). Of course the episode itself really is funny, but what back then killed me was the constant feeling of "Oh no! They're not going to go *there*! DAMN! THEY DID!" I had. THIS feeling is now pretty much gone, because - well, it's Southpark and most likely they WILL go ANYWHERE. :D