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What really happened to Chell from Portal

Portal - even if you have never played this game you already might have heard that is has got some of the most mindblowing "WTF just happened?!?" moments in gaming history, including it's end (that I'm not going to spoil here again, look it up yourself on google ^^). And many of us were wondering about what would happen to the game's heroine, Chell, after ... whatever happens at the end of the story. Luckily we have the NostalgiaCritic to enlighten us:

Okay - we *true* fans of Portal know that recently Valve has updated the ending of the game to prepare for Portal II. And not only did this new ending come with a really witty PR-campaign that initially only had really vague hints at a *possible* Portal II and was, in itself, a pretty awesome metagame, it also made NCs story a little ... impossible. But hell - it's funny. :D