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Lady Gaga Earns Slightly More From Spotify Than Piracy

Piracy is without a doubt, truly evil. It doesn’t help the artists, it robs them of their rightful revenue and is such a poor basis for a business model, it’s unworthy of consideration. Of course, new streaming sites are miles better, offering a legal way to listen to free music. Hmm – Lady Gaga got a million plays on Spotify and earned $167. (click for the full article on

My own two cents:

Before mp3com was bought by some of the big companies they actually started a program, where they - without being asked/forced to do so - paid $1.000.000/month from their advertising income to the artists on the page, based on the hits each artist/band created individually.

Their position was "we earn enough to share it with you, so here you go".

Did it work?

Well, let me say it like this: I'm what I consider a "hobby musician" with my own homestudio and I had some moderate success there. Compared to a big hit on the radio that runs several times each day, my tunes were played like once a week, but they were played.

For a while that was enough to earn *more* than Lady Gaga's $160 in a smegging month.

Nothing to get rich from, but it definitely helped me paying my rent for a while.

A friend of mine who was actually in the top ten of electronic music (mind you, by far not the most popular genre) reached five-digit sums several times.

Some of the *really* successful artists made "professionals" (as in "ppl with major contract deals") like Madonna or Michael Jackson envious...

This wasn't just made up, it really worked, I sure got my money and talked with other artists who all got their earnings without any problems as well...

For a little while, like half a year or so, it looked as if you really could earn your living from making music and giving it away for free without losing your rights of the material and with keeping complete creative control of your own material.

Then mp3com was sold - to the "big ones" - and the very first thing that happened was they shut down the payback programme at *once*.

Today I rather pay for my own server to provide my music for free without any adverts (they annoy me) than having it on one of the pages who actually pay you a little for it (which, I tried them, pay a few cents/month for my "publicity level" instead of actual money).

My page has a "donate" button, but no ever used it yet - which is fine with me, I'm happy enough to see from my stats that people *do* listen to my music - that's all that matters to me.

I gladly *pay* to keep my music online for free instead of helping those bigshot company parasites fill their pockets even more. I had one or two direct experiences with actual labels and how they treat musicians and the whole mp3com story was the last straw for me - I say "Nevermore!".

Each day the big player parasites survive is one day too many.