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Envyyyyyyayeah, Motherfuckers!

While I don't *hate* the US of A like some people nowadays I guess it's no secret (at least to some of the folks I talk with from time to time) that I'm not really planning ever to *live* there. You see - it's way too big for me and when you're not getting shot at by gangster rappers in one of the cities chances are that, instead, you're just getting lost in some redneck backwaters and about to be captured, tortured, cooked with bbq sauce and then eaten by a family of genetically degenerated radioactive cannibals.

That has got to be true, why else would there be so many documentaries about this topic?

Where was I? Ah, yes - I never want to live there, so usually I'm not envious of those who do so. Except, I have to admit, when there's the chance to see the worst movie in the world by Edward Wood in FUCKING COLOUR (!!!1!).

No, wait. Nope, not even THEN I'm really envious of the citizens of the States. It'd definitely need much more to make me envious of you Americans - like, say, a screening of Edward Wood's "Plan 9 from outer Space" in colour *and* with a commentary by the folks of

So, good thing that this isn't very likely to occur, right?

Damn you, damn you all to heck!