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The Rifftrax-Men can!

(sung to the melody of "The Candy Man" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory)
Who can take a movie, stomp it in the ground?
Who can make us laugh about the crap that floats around?

The Rifftrax-Men, the Rifftrax-Men can!
The Rifftrax-Men can, 'cause they tear those films apart - it almost seems like art!

Who will take on Lucas, kick him in the Balls?
Who will make him pay for bringing Binx upon us all?

The Rifftrax-Men! Mike, Bill and Kevin can!
The Rifftrax-Men can, 'cause they tear those films a new one, it is big, big fun!

Kevin, Mike and Bill
Don't riff to stun, but kill!
With no respect for pers'nal losses
They're not afraid of bigscreen bosses!
So better run and hide you tossers!

Who makes Harry Potter actually worth your time?
Without whom would the Matrix sequels be some kind of crime?

The Rifftrax-Men? Yes the Rifftrax-Men can!


"kwmurphy Indeed, I thought I was listening to Sammy Davis Jr, the Candy-Man himself."

:D Me's so proud now!

Kevin is one of the three dudes who are at the microphones of - the one who does the "Wow, George Clinton is looking his age!" line and who points out that Star Wars 2 looks like "A stupid version of World of Warcraft"! :D

I will go into more details about who and what they are and their background story in another article at some point - for now check out their homepage and sample their work there - and if you like it be nice and become a customer! It's not expensive at *all* and you'll get some great value for your money!

Imagine: With Rifftrax the Star Wars Prequels actually become *worth watching*!!! Isn't that incredible?!?

"BillCorbett @brielmusik Bravo. I, and the ghost of Sammy Davis Jr., thank you."

Bill is a colleague of Kevin (the cool dude with the dark glasses above) on Rifftrax and on the picture he is posing together with Crow T. Robot, one of the main characters on the TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (mst3k for short). Oh - right - he gave his voice to Crow for roughly 1/2 of the show's running time. More or less. In the clips I added to my little song/poem he does the "I don't care who shot first!"-line on Raiders of the Lost Ark. :)

What was mst3k about you ask? In short - it was the TV-ancestor of Rifftrax. :)

(from left: Gypsy, Crow T. Robot [first voiced by Trace Beaulieu, later Bill Corbett], Mike Nelson [voiced by Mike Nelson] and Tom Servo [voiced by Kevin Murphy])

For ages I only knew about the one bigscreen mst3k movie - it got dubbed into German, actually quite good - and I loved it. Imagine how delighted I was when I found out that in addition to the movie there also are 10 seasons of mst3k made for TV!