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Dear Micro$oft: Fuck you. Fuck you right in the ear! :)

According to this site here Micro$oft is going to stop the sales of Windows XP. No, wait - they actually DID so two days ago...

Get this: Basically all the world (at least those ppl who actually have to work with their PCs or know a thing or two about them) told them to take their Vista and shove it where the sun don't shine. Several big companies told them "Thanks, but NO THANKS! We're going on to use to use the safer/slimmer/more stable Win XP!".

Microsoft's Reply is basically a "Thanks for supporting XP, and now get lost!".

Well, dear Microsoft: I am STILL happily working on a machine driven by Windows2000, and there's NOTHING your XP or Vista can do that I need and that my PC can't do anyways. :) Not that I haven't tried using XP here - it simply turns into a big crash-o-rama. And from what I heard about Vista from people who were forced to work with it... Well, let's put it this way:

SHOULD I, at one point or another, need a new computer I'll happily become either a Mac or a Linux user. I won't even have to check the latest Vista version that might be available when the time has come, there's simply no way I'm even going to consider using this pile of shite. So ... THANKS, dear Microsoft - you just helped me make a decision just now! :)