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brielmusik on vuze & other links

Well, I guess better late than never... :) I finally added a "links" section to (to your right) - it contains other places where I'm active like myspace or vuze, links to pages of friends as well as simply funny or interesting links.

Vuze, for example, is a peer to peer based plattform to share music and movies - I'll be adding more and more music to that network over time (you can find it here) - since it provides it's own servers as well as the peer to peer community's sources downloads there can be really quick!

To use Vuze you have to install a client on your system (it's based on the old Azureus client, not some weird malware), but it's worth it, imho - you get access to another community full of fresh talents there. :) - oh, I just remembered: Since they also offer the downloads as torrent files you don't even have to use their client if there's some other you prefer. :) Oh - and Vuze (the tool formerly known as Azureus) doubles as a "normal" torrent client too - you can download torrents from elsewhere too with it.

The Gobshite is a page I'll be writing for from time to time, just for shits and giggles. More on them later. :)

I'll add some explanation to all the links soon and of course add new links from time to time as well.