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My first Youtube Video! ;)


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My very first selfmade youtube video. Actually my very first selfmade video period! XD

I hope you like it and have a little chuckle at it, but credit where credit is due:

The original idea for this little joke comes from the BBC radio show "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" - a parody on panel gameshows. One of the games they play is "Censored Songs", which has the teams "clean up" offensive lyrics. And one of the funniest songs they used for this is "Whenever I feel afraid" from the musical "The King and I".

Today I discovered this little movie on Youtube and after watching it I was surprised to find that noone ever did a censored version of Grover singing "Whenever I feel afraid", so I took that as a basis to see if I could actually make a video and get it youtube conform - not that simple on Win2000 as it is on XP.

You like it? :)


... as if that mattered: