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Yoda selling green cards?!?

LoL - usually I think that Spam, no matter in which form is only an annoyance and I barely take any notice of it. But today I stumbled across a banner advertizing green cards for the US that cracked me up:

This is what this sounds like if you actually know German:

"50.000 people become a lifelong Green Card after the USA! Sign you yourself!"

You know - with the interwebs and everything I would assume that it's no problem at all to find someone who's speaking German a little bit and ask him wether the banner you designed makes any sense at or has you looking like an utter idiot... :)

I mean - it's not that hard! I for example recently was contacted by someone writing on a book about a company that started in Germany who asked me about a sentence printed under an old photography. No fuzz at all. But I guess for some ppl even that is too much...

Well, while I *do* like hamburgers I don't feel tempted to move to the US by this advert. Actually the Greece Giros place round the corner makes some pretty good ones, and should I feel like eating a "real American Burger" I can allways go to town and get one from Mickey D's...

Also I doubt that, without living that close to the Netherlands (nudge-nudge), I wouldn't feel like having a burger that often anyways *coughs*.