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Shaun the Sheep

Maybe you allready know Shaun. No, not the one of the Dead but Shaun the Sheep, the woolly sidekick of Wallace and Grommit in "A close shave". Obviously he got to the hearts of some people, cause a while after the movie was done he got his own TV series.

Why I mention that here? Well, I'm a sucker for cool animations and the Aardman team sure does know it's trade. Also I just stumbled over the official webpage - defenitely one of the cuddliest pages I've seen in a while. You get background info, of course merchandise, and loads of free stuff both for young and old fans of Shaun: Theme packs for your own Shaun Fansite, graphics, movie clips (like the one above), even PDF files with colour-in pictures or Shaun masks for the kids. Really sweet. :)