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Okayyyy... Have some fun with movies while we wait for me to have enough time to do some real work with this page again, I've been a bit busy lately... I guess everyone of us has hers or his most favourite movies on youtube and other sites, I'm gonna pick some for you that I like.

The first entry was the "Dramatic Chipmunk", a brilliant piece of work that seems to originate from kids show on japanese TV.

And this brings us to the second movie today, another master of dramatic looks: David Blaine, the amazing Street Magician; he will startle you with his trickery:

Ooooooh yes, I BET it does... ;) Talk about a sting operation. The next entry is a series of advertizing clips, based on people getting into easily mis-understood situations. My personal favourite is the hospital episode (I love the sweet little girl with the balloon):

And at the same time, in a galaxy far, far away a certain intergalactic dictator feels like being an ass, just for shits, you know:

I guess even evil overlords need a chuckle now and then... Other people find other ways to relax during work, like this reporter bloke:

... actually this sounds like a nice idea right now. I guess that'll be it for today - let me know some of your favourite funnies on youtube or other places if you like. :)