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Yah! Das Hokikoki! (Knien gebogen, Armen gestreckt, rahrahrah!)

Ok, consider this my first "real" blog posting.

Okok, actually it's jut another test, I wanted to see if posting a youtube movie worked as simple as I thought, (which it actually does). But anyways - the above movie is for several reasons one of my alltime favourite youtube clips: Bill Bailey's "Hokie Kokie" tribute to Kraftwerk. When I first saw it I allmost wet my pants, and it still has me grinning every time I have a look...

Bill is a comedian from the UK, actually pretty popular over there, with regular TV appearances and only recently he played a part in the new Simon Pegg movie "Hot Fuzz" (more about THAT one another time perhhaps). If you search on youtube you'll find quite a lot of his material, worth every minute, imho.

If you have ever seen Kraftwerk live (I did, 3 times, in their pre-laptop-era) you'll find that the Hokie Kokie (Yah!) pretty much tells everything you need to know about a Kraftwerk "live" Gig (*). The suits, the ties, the background projection (which Bailey of course uses for the whole show and not just for that one number), even the robots dance is in this clip. It's obvious that he saw Kraftwerk live at least once.

Little factoid for you electronic freaks: The "Whhoooooooo"-Sound at the beginning of the tune is a real honest to god theremin! He uses it on several occasions on stage, even explaining it a little to the audience sometimes. :)

(*) Yesyes, of course I used sequencers for about 99% of the music on the Gemjam festival too, but Stephan and I at least moved around a little. Since Kraftwerk changed their stage setup from their spaceship-bridge-like Klingklang Studio with all them synths to the laptop stage their performances sure became much better soundwise (see Minimum Maximum), but now defenitely lack the feeling of watching a band. ;)