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Creative Common License added to most of the tracks...

When you browse through this site you might encounter three weird round icons from time to time now.

They stand for the Creative Commons Licensing system I started using and tell you what you can and can not do with the music available on brielmusik.

I like the CC license for a simple reason:

It puts the tunes *exactly* into the (pretty open) legal status I allways considered them to be in anyways, only much clearer, with watertight wording and translations into a heap of other languages than just English or German.

To use my own words: You can listen to the music online, download it, broadcast it on webradio, even share and remix it, AS LONG as you refer to the original artist (me or Stephan Riess&me) and point to this page as well. If you remix or otherwise rework any of the tunes you may publish them under the same terms, using the same Creative Common license. You may NOT use the music for any commercial purposes, if you should be inclined to do so you HAVE to contact me before doing so and we can arrange for a deal.
More info about Creative Commons Licensing