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Lightforce '98

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I've decided that, even though I don't make new music, it'd be nice to revisit the some of my old works and talk a little about how I see them today.

To begin with I selected my coverversion of Rob Hubbard's c64 score for the game "Lightforce". Because while of course Kraftwerk, Jarre, ClockDVA or Oldfield later became the main influences for my own music - it was people like Hubbard, Ben Daglish, David Whittacker or Chris Hülsbeck who wrote music for c64 games who initially kicked off my decision to use computers to make my own tunes.

Actually the first music program I used to make "proper" tunes was Hülsbeck's "Sound Monitor" - a compact and quite easy to use tool that allowed you to make quite "professional" sounding music.

"Lightforce" was a top-to-bottom-scrolling shooter in which you steered a little spaceship over planets and stations and fought the usual waves of UFOs and such things. I played it for hours on end (on a black&whiteTV) and it's theme to this day is one of my favourite tunes.

With this cover of the tune I tried to give it the "spacey" feeling I feel it deserves and at the same time I wanted to keep the SID-chip feeling - which was achieved by using a very Jarre-esque (heavily phased) set of strings for the Arpeggios while on the other end I programmed a really spiky instrument on the Juno 2 which sounds almost exactly as an instrument from the C64.

I still like listening to this version of the tune a LOT and can't help but feel proud of what I've done with it. What do you think?