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Paradise Gardens

  • Filesize: 9.74 MB
  • Length: 10:38
  • ID3 tags: Michael Briel - Evolution - Paradise Gardens
10:38 minutes (9.74 MB)

Still using Sonix, this tune marks the next step: My very first own synthesizer, in this case the Roland MT32. Multitimbral, multichannels, an own delay-processor... I still love to use this little black box, it has a very warm sound.

The track itself, again from ‘91, is one of the best I did in this early phase - it’s more complex than most and it’s really a nice tune too. Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong... :). Later that year I recorded a shorter version, “Paradise Forest”, to be included on the tape compilation “And the Trees are waiting” by NG Medien (more or less the predecessor of today’s Endraum, a band you might have heard of).