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Data Transmission

  • Filesize: 7.18 MB
  • Length: 7:50
  • ID3 tags: W359 - Live At Gemjam '93 - Data Transmission
7:50 minutes (7.18 MB)

This one’s not only one of my favourite Kobayashi Maru productions but one of the best tracks period, I think. I don’t know why, but here everything fits together - dark lyrics about an over-technological world, really *electronic* sounds and the computer voice (from the Commodore Amiga) - it simply works. So it was no wonder, that I choose this as the final track for my first live performance.

It does sound a bit like Clock DVA, but unlike Circle of Evil it wasn’t meant to be a rip off, it simply ended up that way. And it still got enough of my own character in it anyway.

This is the live version of the tune that ended my first and more or less last live gig on stage at the Gemjam festival in 1993 - the aprubt end is caused by literally pulling the main plug on everything in the end. :)