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Jump The Roman (live)

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  • Length: 4:39
  • ID3 tags: W359 - Live At Gemjam '93 - Jump The Roman
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Oh boy... What a stupid tune... Hehe...

Okay, we all know that artists take their inspirations from big issues. They write poems about love and sing about the earth - all the deep stuff, right?

Well... THIS tune is about a guy both Stephan and me really, really couldn't stand back then. I wont give any more clues than the lyrics, and I'm sure that the guy we're singing about today is a really nice person. At least we didn't do all the things we're... errr... singing about, but wrote this little bit instead to be performed with him being in the audience. As for the effect on him? I doubt there was one, accoding from his face he never got we meant him... :)