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If movie titles were more literal

Although none of these got chosen for the article I had huge fun with this topic: What if movie titles were meant to be taken literal?

The first is a little riddle - which movie might this be a scene of?

Remember the first season of Breaking Bad? Then you might like this alternative title for the series:

Here's a little groaner:

And another one - that woman (if you don't know her) is "Octamom" who gained starlet-status for a while by giving birth to eightlings. Given that, today, she does porn...

Get it? Get it?

And indeed - 70 years ago gramps *was* a teenage werewolf:

Nothing too special, just a quick idea I had for this old movie:

And as a bonus a picture that made #1 in THIS ARTICLE, but also fits in here somehow: The Dark Knight Rises