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Thanks for the Doctor Who 2008 Christmas special! (Contains opening of the episode but no spoilers)

*sniff* Me wipes a happy tear from his eyes...

One of my wishes came true, I just watched this year's Doctor Who Christmas special and it was bloody marvellous... :)

I won't spoil anything, just let it be said that this year the Doctor's Christmas Adventure has all I could have wished for...

Humour, mystery, adventure, drama and tragedy in a perfect mixture. Add a spoon "average man rising to heroism in the face of mortal danger", a few grains of "let's bloody celebrate the bloody Doctor, he bloody deserves it!"... You get my drift... This was a triumph, I'm making a note here - HUGE success!

Honestly - I'm not much of a Christmas celebrating guy myself, but the still rather new but already well established tradition of Doctor Who Christmas specials actually manages to bring back a little of the joy I had at this time of year as a kid... I have never seen the classic episodes when I was small, they didn't air in Germany, but still movies like this year's one make me feel like a child again, I can just sit there with an open mouth and be scared and laugh and cry and all, no difference...

THIS is why I like stories as much as I do, because they can do things like that.

To everyone involved in the creation of the Doctor, classic and new, and the amazing universe he lives in: My deepest thanks! You guys rock and you managed to create magic. I love you for that! :)