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Is that a new layout I see before me?

Ok, obviously I finally got bored enough with my old standard page layout to toy around with some ideas. If you had a look at it already you maybe can answer two questions for me:

No1: (the obvious one): Do you like it?

No2 (If you use IE7): Does the layout on your browser look as in the screenshot on the left or is something messed up like the one on the right? I know it is on the old IE 6, but if on the much wider spread IE7 (and other Browsers - I use Firefox and IE6 here) it looks ok I won't go the extra yard to make an extra IE css-file anymore...

I know the left version isn't perfect either, but if this generally works for most browsers I can look into a few remaining things (like the frame-in-a-frame with the top missing like under "Networking", I already noticed that).