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Dennis Leary on the Daily Show

Just a short test of the embedding feature on - my favourite news programme for several years now allready. As mentioned below they went online with their complete archive. *woot*

Little things...

New music? And stuff.

Still Alive

Ok, usually I just post movies, but this time I need to send a warning ahead: If you, in the future, plan to play the game Portal and don't like spoilers, then don't read on and skip the movie - you'll be seeing it anyways... Oh, and don't read the explanation too...

These are the end credits of Portal which basically blew me away (see below):

(written by Jonathan Coulton (

Here's a little background information:

Portal is a 3d ego puzzle game. Using the perspective every shooterfan will recognize at once (actually using the fine Halflife 2 graphics engine) it manages to be really tense and at times rather scary without any spacemutants out to eat your guts, guns and crowbars...

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