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Thanks for the Doctor Who 2008 Christmas special! (Contains opening of the episode but no spoilers)

*sniff* Me wipes a happy tear from his eyes...

One of my wishes came true, I just watched this year's Doctor Who Christmas special and it was bloody marvellous... :)

I won't spoil anything, just let it be said that this year the Doctor's Christmas Adventure has all I could have wished for...

Farewell Majel Roddenberry!

Secrets from the Führerbunker

Teeeheehee... Adolf die Nazisau is mad, because Microsoft banned his XboX Life account... :)

Weihnachten bei Laibach - A merry Laibach Christmas

direct link - I'm sorry, I hope I don't hurt the feelings of any Laibach fans with this

The little Girl Giant

It is good to know that there's people out there who work so hard just to bring a little magic into the world...

Looking forward

Electronic drummers meet again

The meeting: Karl visits his long-term friend Wolfgang in Düsseldorf.

For thirteen years Karl lives and works in Hamburg and Berlin. Recently he returned to his hometown Düsseldorf

Simon Pegg on Star Trek

Some of you might already know it, some don't - Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame is portraying our most favourite chief engineer in the upcoming Star Trek movie! I think it might turn out he's a great choice for the role, somehow he *feels* right to me... :)

Here's a recent interview with him on "Friday Night":

Jonathan Coulton and GlaDOS sing "Still Alive"

Ok, I had to do a second version of the video - I added a tiny bit of eyecandy... :)

direct link

I just like this tune so much I had to toy around with it myself a little: I took the two official versions of Still Alive, the theme of Valve's fantastic Game "Portal" - one sung by the game character GlaDOS and the other one by composer and writer Jonathan Coulton himself and mixed them together into a duet. While it's not perfect I think it's still pretty cool - enjoy!

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