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Changes and news about the page itself

Some time ago AngryAussie made a youtube video about Fapping. And for some reason this struck a chord with many of his male (I assume) viewers - some of them started making remixes of the video. Including me...

I dunno, I just had to join the general sillyness. :D

A video I made using the covers of some of my favourite records.

A video I recently made to showcase some pictures taken in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP disaster.

I did a youtube clip for my arrangement of Gustav Holst's "Neptune, the Mystic" from the Planet Suite. I hope you enjoy it - and if so: don't forget to rate it. :)

Did a second version of the clip with some different effects for the Hubble remix.

I was toying around with video effects, trying to create a gritty, trippy feeling with some silly old cartoon. When I put "Hubble" under it, it kind of fitted. So there. :) Don't forget to rate the clip on youtube, thanks! ^^

Just a little life sign from me, I'm still around and working on a few projects right now, soon with some results I'll be proudly presenting here of course. ^^

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