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With Plan 9 being, you know, plan number NINE - one has to wonder what came before that one?

Disney often presents a world in which animals can talk and it's usually all hunky-dory and hapyness. But what *if* they could talk for real?

Just toying around with some images...

After computers, telephones and pads Apple now also entered the architecture business, presenting the new:

If you want to move in there of you'll need new furniture. Of course from:

Now you might ask: Who's gonna live in such a lousy place? Easy:

... there now would be a remastered version with added effects:

As we all know computergames get blamed for loads of evil things in the world - usually by people who apparently have forgotten that when they were young the same was said about the new rock music they were listening to and the comic books that they were reading...

Anyways - some software developers are now trying to work a "less violence" angle into their games - more or less successful: