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Get Smart into the Tardis

I did this one a while ago - not bad, eh?

A Star Wars fanboy's nightmare...

I know this comes a little late, but still - remember how lucky you Star Wars fans got! ;)

Twilight test audiences looking forward to new episodes

Shenannigans with a Time Machine

The theme for this photoplasty was Using a Time Machine to Deliver the Perfect Zinger. Which meant: Come up with pranks you could play on history when you had a time machine. And, well, there are some things that one could do...

What came before Plan 9 from Outer Space?

With Plan 9 being, you know, plan number NINE - one has to wonder what came before that one?

Karl Bartos: Musica Ex Machina

Musica Ex Machina" is taken from Karl Bartos' latest album "Off The Record". The album's available on CD and Vinyl:

For tour dates also check

Sound ON!

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uninspirational Real Movie Quotes

Media Control (First Draft) by Kobayashi Maru

3:17 minutes (3.01 MB) Electro Industrial 1992

You see - there was some room left on this CD after I cut five minutes out of Lux, so here we go... ;)

Heroes texting...

Hubble by Michael Briel

4:24 minutes (4.03 MB) Electro Industrial 1999

“During the Eclypse, the Hubble-telescope, usually scanning the stars out there, was pointed inwards to get a better look.....”  read more »


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