Wasser 94b


A new take on the formerly rather soothing Water theme.

Wasser 94a


This remix / rework of the older track "Wasser" was initially inspired by Aphex Twin's "On".

Luft / Air


Very Tangerine Dreamish I'd say. :)

Wasser / Water


I think this has something Oldfield-ish in it. Can you detect it? Not a particular melody, but a feeling.

Feuer / Fire


Feuer is pretty much the very first tune I wrote after I bought the Korg Wavestation back in 1992. Which goes a long way to explain why the whole track is exclusively built using Wavestation factory sounds.

The main part is "Firedance", which is a sequenced instrument that plays it's own rhythm.

This is again one of the tunes that I still like to listen to today. It has got something between Jarre and Tangerine Dream going on.

Phase IV


“No commentary.....”

You could call Phase IV the bonus track of Eclypse, since it’s actually a remastered track from... 4 or five years ago... Hmmm... It’s building abound some silly sounds and a monotonous bassline, but ... I don’t know, I just like it... :)



“During the Eclypse, the Hubble-telescope, usually scanning the stars out there, was pointed inwards to get a better look.....”

That’s a really good one too... Following the style of LFO’s Tied Up, Hubble creates it’s own dynamic by pointing out the discrepancies of the troubles of modern life... Naaaw, it’s simply cool, but it really sounds a bit like Tied Up ;-)...



Perhaps the one of the best combinations of my old Jarre/Tangerine Dream-like influences and some new elements I’ve tried. It’s starting with a beautiful, 3/4 part that actually has some *melody* ;) and then moves over to part two, that’s more on the modern, ambient site...