Tau Ceti


If you’d ask me why I didn’t allready do a fresh version of this small melody (I really like it): I don’t know, but I think it’ll have to happen sooner or later... just beautifull, yet minimalistic. Definitely a fine round-up for this CD. :)

WTF, I don't even... :D

New Music options

As promised earlier the music is coming back to the page bit by bit and you can check what's already there when clicking the "musik"-Button. :)

As you can see there's a new filter section that lets you select a bunch of options to decide what you want to listen to (like filtering for genre, album, year of production etc.) - you can then either browse the results individually *or* (that's a nice one) listen to the results in one go, since they're fed directly into a playlist available to the main player on that page.

The complete 16bit Pictures at an Exhibition (remastered)


This one goes *way* back - to 1988 or so, actually. The "16bit pictures at an exhibition' is what will happen if you let a teenager alone with the piano notes to Modeste Mussorgsky's classic masterwork and a 4 audio-channel homecomputer, the Commodore Amiga, for too long. ;)

Site reconstruction

I'm working on a new version of the page, so right now things look a little "under construction".

Oh - and the music is offline right now - but it'll be back asap. ;)